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Dobrica Hunting Lodge

The Dobrica Hunting Lodge is the home of Mikes family’s more than a dozen years old legendary and magical property. It is the best choice for those who do not crave for five star luxury but prefer to explore the hidden beauties of nature.


Accomodation and Facilities

With three rooms able to provide a leisurable environment for eight people, our guest house is a perfect option for families and circle of friends.

We offer one two-bedded room and two three-bedded rooms as accommodation for out guests.

Reflecting the traditional dining room of transylvanian hunting houses, the dining-room is elegantly lit by candles as the crackling sound of an inside fireplace creates a cosy atmosphere for an easy-going wine-drinking night. On demand, we await our guests with prepared lunch, dinner or special menu for children.

We provide free Wi-Fi all around the lodge, for our guests not feel absolutely closed out of the world outside.

Activities and Programs

The Dobrica Hunting Lodge is a place to rest, yet there is no room for boredom. Those who visit have the possibility to live the thrilling experience of the wildernesses.

On the clearings of Dobrica, the crackling sound of a campfire can grant mesmerizing and unforgettable moments. For it is bound to get easily hungry in the mountains, our property provides a barbeque grill for the guests where they can prepare every delicious meal they want.

The organized wild animal watches, either the off-road car tours or the visiting of nearby mineral spas can all be opted for even as whole-day activities.

Untouched landscape

The Depression of Bükszád is one of the most untouched landscapes of the Carpathians. The estate belonging to the Dobrica house lies on an area of more than 20,400 hectars, therefore it is the excellent place to visit for nature- and hunting-lovers.

The hunter lodge is merely 20 km far away from the famous Szent Anna Lake, 8 km away from Tusnádfürdő and 28 km away from Sepsiszentgyörgy.


In a splendid setting silently waiting for the appearance of the bears, there is absolute tranquility and peace all around. This place is an ideal choice either you visit with children, teenagers or adults. We would also like to express our special gratitude towards the organizers for the brilliant campfire!